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Coffee with the Future: Creating a Culture and International Network for Innovation

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Wat is het?

Coffee with the Future is your weekly dose of inspiration in the Work out Room. You can follow it online, via Google Hangout.

In this edition, we will be learn how the Flemish Radio & Television (VRT) has been successfully implementing an open innovation strategy for the past 5 years. They have a dedicated space for it: VRT Sandbox. Here they create safe spaces to experiment with new technologies and concepts. Both startups and employees are welcome to put forward their ideas.

VRT Sandbox has:

- catalyzed innovation and digitization within VRT
- finished more than 140 startup projects within VRT
- inspired 16 broadcasters Europe-wide to pursue a similar strategy for innovation and collaborate cross-border

After Sarah's presentation there will be room for reflection and questions.

Wie organiseert het?

Work out Room

Voor wie?

For everybody who wants to know how to establish a culture and network for innovation. Especially relevant for those working in public sector.

Waar en wanneer?

Work out Room
Trapstraat 20
1000 Brussel
  • 2 oktober 2019 van 13u tot 14u

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